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Citrus In The Snow- The Report 
 • How the Geo-Air energy system works
 • Learn how to build this fast
 • More than 20 color graphics and diagrams
 • 30 years of his notes and comments (1976-2021)
 • More than 100 vivid color photos and enlagements
 • Super Search function - Find it fast
 • See why this will become the biggest energy trend of the decade
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 70% discount on greenhouse Architectural CAD drawings
  FREE Geo-air research supplement from the GreenCube Institute,
    and how to build the 100' greenhouse for $5,000 to $12,000
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"Citrus In The Snow" Report

Available Now! FALL 2021 UPDATES

His New Version-
The new version is a large and colorful Digital Work Book with free
updates on his research for 12 months and is much larger and 
detailed than any report he has published in the previous years.

In addition to his previous notes since 1992, it now includes 10X 
the commentary, explanations, instructions, and details. 20X more
color photos and detailed diagrams.

This new version also includes three (3) geo-air systems which he
is using at various facilities. Although all are geothermal and geo-air
technology, all three are quite different in function with notes and
detailed pro/con comments on each system.

This valuable report is the most accurate, "real life" and successful
usage of Low Grade Geothermal use, and will certainly become
a very popular and profitiable Green energy source for 2021 and
for decades to come.

This is possibly the most realistic, economical, sustainable and the
simplest technology to heat and cool homes or greenhouses.

Whether you are a building contractor or a DIY consumer this 
well documented and detailed Report is a must.

Digital Work Book (DWB) -
The new "Citrus In The Snow" is now an easy-to-use DWB type PDF
format, created by the staff at GreenCube Publishing.

Immediate download and read...

The DWB (PDF) offers much more use and flexibility than a conventional
book. The reader can scroll fast, search automatically, enlarge and
evenprint both photos and important text. All of this in addition to
receiving a full 12 months of "free updates" and FAQ by Russ and from
the GreenCube Research Institute within the books Update page.

The Cheapest, Efficient Energy Source
Wonder why he's now getting all the attention? Read his Report
and you will understand.

After you read his detailed Report of his actul use of 3 types of
geo-air systems, you will wonder why it's not being used in every
home and business in the US and globally.

This graphic and illustrated workbook you will have all the information 
you need to beild your own geo-air system, or even begin your own
 geo-energy construction business.

In addition to the easy, and profitable construction potential, see how
anyone could easily build a "free energy" greenhouse anywhere and 
earn more than $100,000 per acre annually.

Thank you in advance for helping yourself to free energy, and also
for supporting Russ and his continued geo-air research.

         We publish the only current, and legally authorized 
                                digital version
                 of the Finch publication (2010-2021)

!! Free Geothermal Greenhouse Research Suppliment !!
Beginning August 1, 2019 we have added a free Geo-air and Geothermal
report (Zero Greenhouse) from the GreenCube Research Institute.

The Institute has been prominent in Geothermal greenhouse and Geo-air
heating/cooling for nearly 50 years, providing information and inspiration
in the use of Geo-air technology since 1972.

$5,000 to $12,000 100' Greenhouse, instead of $24,000

The newly added supplement from the Institute also has information on
how to build the Geo-air greenhouse with more efficiency, and for under
$12,000 USD, instead of $24,000.

This informative 'research supplement' will be included free...